Global organizational structure

The more I learn about structure of motivations the more I realize that something is missing in modern enterprise architecture frameworks. Let me explain my thought process.

I came to conclusion that it is possible to define what motivates each person based on their needs. If we expand the motivation taxonomy to organizations it will be possible to see what drives them. By organization I mean any group of people or other organizations. At this point it is irrelevant what brought them together but we assume something did.

A person can belong to many organizations and so are organizations. And at each level we have motivations. The person, when inside an organization, will be influenced by personal motivations and motivations imposed by the organization. Additionally the person’s motivations will be influenced by him being part of other organizations.

To understand all the motivations that drives the person we first need to know  organizations the person belongs to and how those organizations are related to one another.

For example, let’s look at a man who was raised in Japan, who is Muslim and now works for some company in USA. He is married and supports Conservative party.

We have identified 7 organizations based on sex, place where he was brought up, religion, current location, occupation, marital status and political affiliation.

(Side note. Honestly, Facebook guys, your questionnaire got all that in almost exactly the same order, I must be onto something here)

As I said each organization has needs and therefore motivations associated with them. Some organizations allow others influencing the person’s behavior. In our example the company may let the married person to spend more time with his family. But certain motivations brought from outside will not be tolerated – if the man’s boss is a woman it doesn’t matter what he thinks his religion tells him.

Therefore before we start unraveling the motivations of a stakeholder we need to know the global organizational structure. What are the organizations? What are their motivations? What are their relations? That gives us a complete list of motivations that will drive the stakeholder. But here is what we also need to consider, which is not part of any EA framework I know. The stakeholder comes with a lot of baggage and he may have conflicted motivations. Before you even start resolving conflicts between different stakeholders you may want to pay attention to inner-conflict.

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