So I am following this guide on Boost library and got to boost::signal, which looks exactly as multicast delegate in .NET. I am currently on version 1.54.0 of Boost and use VS2012.
Here it goes:

warning : Boost.Signals is no longer being maintained and is now deprecated. Please switch to Boost.Signals2. To disable this warning message, define BOOST_SIGNALS_NO_DEPRECATION_WARNING.

Hm…ok… let’s use Signals2. We look at the docs and copy “Hello, world” example to Visual Studio. Shall we run it?

error C4996: 'std::_Uninitialized_copy0': Function call with parameters that may be unsafe - this call relies on the caller to check that the passed values are correct. To disable this warning, use -D_SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS. See documentation on how to use Visual C++ 'Checked Iterators'

Yes, I got it, it’s not Boost fault and can be cured by adding “_SCL_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS” to preprocessor definitions. But to be honest I expect examples for beginners (which I am) to work in the most used C++ IDE. It will now take me some time to trust this part of Boost.

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