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Framework for global organizational structure

Everything starts with the organizational structure: To build it we will need: a list of organization types – humanity, states, religions, terrorists, charities, commercial, etc. a list of all possible organizations including an internal structure where each organizationl unit adds … Continue reading

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Global organizational structure

The more I learn about structure of motivations the more I realize that something is missing in modern enterprise architecture frameworks. Let me explain my thought process. I came to conclusion that it is possible to define what motivates each … Continue reading

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General theory of needs

Since Maslow’s theory of needs seems to be holding true to describe healthy people’s motivations (not the forced hierarchy, that I don’t agree with) it’s natural to expand it to cover the needs of any organizations. Following  Zachman framework and … Continue reading

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Global architecture: first take

I know there are concepts of “world governance” and “global governance“. So I think there must a concept of “world architecture” and not in the narrow sense used by civil architects. Or maybe better let’s call it “global architecture”. Assume … Continue reading

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What is enterpirse architecture?

I started with software development and then spent some time on technical architecture. Then there was a natural sense of progression to the next level, which is enterprise architecture (EA). That’s where I hit a horde of problems. Starting with … Continue reading

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Font is a computer program. As such it requires a license. Surprised? I was. You cannot simply use some font in your program, like a computer game for example, without considering legal side. Read basic guide to font licensing

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So I am following this guide on Boost library and got to boost::signal, which looks exactly as multicast delegate in .NET. I am currently on version 1.54.0 of Boost and use VS2012. Here it goes: warning : Boost.Signals is no … Continue reading

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Fixing C4005 warning

In Windows 7 if following some of the DirectX guides you can see “warning C4005: ‘DXGI_STATUS_OCCLUDED’ : macro redefinition…” To fix it do the following (full advise here) Open Properties for the project and select the VC++ Directories page. Set … Continue reading

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Smart pointers

It’s a question of ownership really. Who does own the underlying object? In Boost we have scoped_ptr and scoped_array – private ownership. I got my hands on the object and only I control it shared_ptr and shared_array – shared ownership … Continue reading

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Fast inverse square root

Fast inverse square root can be used to calculate the dx and dy for an object that moves in a straight line. The code is in Java. float inverseSqrt(float x) { float half = 0.5f * x; int i = … Continue reading

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